Retour au Sources, à Paris avec TM Krishna, Novembre 2019

From November 14th to 18 th, I had the immense joy of spending 5 days with my music master TM Krishna and his wonderful team (Akkarai Subbulaksmi, Praveen Kumar, Anirudh Atreya) in Paris, thanks to the invitation of Ingrid Le Gargasson as part of the « Festival de l’Imaginaire ».

They performed at the Théâtre de la Ville on November 16th , in front of a packed and delighted audience. The concert was a huge success. I am particularly happy that his music was so well received and loved by the Parisian / French public.

Many people came to see us after the concert , to tell us that they had been moved to tears by the beauty of this music and the interpretation of Krishna accompanied by Akkarai, Praveen and Anirudh.

For me, it’s a great victory. It was like a reconciliation between these two worlds without which I cannot live . Thanks to these few days, it’s as if two pieces of a vase had stuck back together in myself … I am French and I love this country from which I come, this culture at the heart of which I was born and was formed the first years of my existence. Then South India, and more precisely Chennai and the culture of Karnatik music which was my training as an adult from 19 to 29 years old in particular and mainly through my master TM Krishna and his entourage. (families, co-musicians and co-students). After these ten years of rigorous learning in Chennai, and since my return to France almost 7 years ago now, my passion is to share this music as I can, with the knowledge I have acquired, and all that that remains for me to discover …

What a joy, after all these years, to find ourselves as in the good old days, except that instead of being in villages of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, the cities of Bombay, Delhi or Calcutta, or in these trips endless by train « 2L sleeper class » to go from one concert to another with the whole band, it was in the Paris metro, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, in the Père Lachaise cemetery, in a bar of Bastille that laughter and « Karnatik humor » resounded … and I realized how much I missed this humor … and these fascinating conversations about music, debates on this or that point with bursts of voices , on the line 5 at rush hour, or over a coffee after having walked the paths of the cemetery to find the untraceable tomb of Jim Morisson … words that remain engraved, of these moments that we don’t forget, because in an instant, an exchange, a word, something changed in the perception of music and existence ….

I am therefore full of gratitude, re-inspired, in a whole new way. It is as if a new door has opened , so happy for these few days and ready to continue on this path , sometimes difficult and lonely indeed, but sometimes so so rich and beautiful …. so we continue yes, to vibrate with passion, not to be discouraged by the immensity of the task which sometimes seems insurmountable, we roll up our sleeves and we dare to go where we really want to go with this music! …. with a little more maturity than 15 years ago we hope, in the way of approaching things, step by step, one thing after another, without unrealizable challenges, but just be honest, with oneself, music, one’s own path, it’s uniqueness, the commitment and sometimes sacrifices it requires. The illusions that fall one by one, the revelations, the disappointments…So, let’s plant our feet in the ground, open our eyes wide, and as Krishna said to me my very first class in march 2004 : « JUST SING! » ……. Yes … just sing, it’s about GROWING WITH this music … because everything else grows with it …This Music is so full of secrets, wonders, mysteries … we have no idea !!!

Publié par Emmanuelle Martin

EMMANUELLE MARTIN est aujourd'hui une référence en France et en Europe dans le domaine de la musique classique traditionnelle et sacrée du sud de l’Inde, la musique Karnatique. C’est un véritable parcours initiatique qu’elle a vécu pendant 10 ans à Chennai, en Inde, où elle s’est consacrée à l’apprentissage de cette musique auprès d’un des plus grands maîtres de cette tradition, T.M Krishna. Depuis son retour en France en 2014, elle voyage entre l’Inde, l’Europe et les Etats-Unis où elle donne des concerts, transmet cet art et continue sa propre pratique. En janvier 2016, elle rejoint Ariane Mnouchkine et la troupe du Théâtre du Soleil afin de former les acteurs au chant et à la musique Karnatique pour leur dernière création Une Chambre en Inde.

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